C V.

A few months ago I bought a groupon for a chiropractic consultation, exam, x-rays, and one adjustment. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have always had back pain and suffered from chronic migraines. When Dr. Jones said that he could help with the pain AND the migraines I was a little skeptical, but I am a believer today! I have not had a migraine in 3 months since starting my treatment. Thank you Dr. Jones! P.S. The ladies of the office are so warm and welcoming as well that it is the icing on the cake! =)

Peter B.

The people here are fantastic, always greeted with a smile! Dr. Jones is amazing, can’t find a better place in the area. Been coming here for a month or two and I’m not disappointed with the quality of care I have been receiving.

T. S.

I purchased a Groupon for infrared body wraps to help detox and shed some weight. Everyone at Lone Star Chiropractic is wonderful and while my weight is coming off slowly, it is coming off. I have suffered from joint pain over the last 4 years, (gardening and aging) no more pain! I love it!

Renate O.

I love Dr. Jones and his girls. Was lucky enough to find them through a Groupon six months ago and have been feeling so much better since then. I have suffered with severe migraines for years and since seeing Dr. Jones, I am down to one or two migraines a month, if that. He has also taken care of my sciatic pain and I just overall am completely pleased with the results. Jennifer and Keisha are the best as well. They always work around my schedule and are welcoming, personable and just plain good people. I have recommended Dr. Jones to two of my co-workers and they are also satisfied.

Shonna W.

Dr. Jones has helped me tremendously. I spend alot of time working on a computer and end up with tightness in my neck, shoulders, and low back. Dr jones keeps my back aligned and me feeling healthy. Thank you Dr. Jones.

Stacey M.

Lone Star Chiropractic is the best chiropractic practice I have ever been to. I have had severe back problems since suffering an injury in high school and have required regular adjustments ever since. I started seeing Dr. Patrick Jones just after I moved to Austin and I couldn’t have asked for a better Dr. or staff. They are the most helpful and friendly people of any doctor’s office I have been in. They perform regular x-rays and scans to be sure that you are getting the correct treatments personalized for your specific needs, and go over the results with you in person so that you understand exactly what needs to be done. I highly recommend Lone Star Chiropractic and Dr. Patrick Jones.

Katelyn M.

Dr Jones, Jennifer, and Keisha are great! I have been going to Lone Star Chiropractic for almost a year now and my back feels so much better. They are so friendly and I always love going in because I leave feeling better!

Cynthia L.

When I first limped in to Dr. Jones’ office eleven months ago, I had a debilitating case of sciatica. Some days I had so much pain that I could barely walk. I came in because I saw a coupon that included X-rays, an exam and other diagnostic tests. I’d been to see another chiropractor, and had a few adjustments, but couldn’t get relief that lasted more than a day or two. I knew that a full diagnostic exam was what I needed, as an adjustment here and there just wasn’t doing the trick. The thing that really worked for me was that Dr. Jones got me to see the big picture. I had one hip that was much higher than the other, and a bit of scoliosis as well; that plus a whole lot of stress was what caused all that pain. He got me to understand that this would be a long-term healing process. He didn’t just adjust me; he got me on a *program* even set up a payment plan that made it easier for me to come in as much as I needed to when I was first recovering from the sciatica.

It didn’t take long for the sciatica to be gone- maybe a month or two at most! But the fact that I was on a plan to make the pain *stay* gone, kept me coming back. At first I had to get adjustments 3x a week. After seven months I only need to be adjusted once every 2-3 weeks. Now I’m down to once a month. I’m not finished healing yet, but I haven’t limped in several months and I’m developing muscles that didn’t get used properly when my hips were out of alignment. I walk with ease now, and I can even run for very short distances, yea! I’m grateful that I found Dr. Jones office, it has literally gotten me on my feet again 🙂

Bryan S.

In a word…AWESOME! Just GO!
If you’re in pain, you have nobody to blame but yourself. Dr. Jones is amazing!

Jeri M.

I’m baffled over the bad review I read because he must have been confused. Dr. Jones’ offices are clean and well maintained. The staff is friendly and professional. The reality about chiropractic care is that maintenance is necessary to keep your back in proper alignment. I went regularly for my first year. Now I do monthly maintenance. When I have had to miss because of travel or illness, my back starts bothering me, and he always pinpoints exactly where the problem exists. He is interested, concerned and always willing to give me explanations about every aspect of the care he is providing. I was a huge skeptic in the beginning about chiropractic care in general, but now am a firm believer in Dr. Jones’ skill and abilities. I recommended him to a friend who also now goes regularly and she has thanked me profusely for the recommendation. Also, they take Medicare patients!

Suzanne M.

I am a regular with Dr. Jones for over 5 years now and consider him to be one of the best chiropractors you can find because of his knowledge and his gentle approach. His office is a friendly one because of his assistants. Dr. Jones will only do what is reasonable for your care.

Stephanie S.

I have been going to Dr. Jones for coming up on almost a year now and I have seen such amazing results I can’t even believe it. I was having neck, back, and shoulder pains that just got to be so bad that even monthly or bi-monthly massages stopped making a difference. I saw a deal they had going on Crowd Savings and finally went for it. I was going 3 times a week when I first started treatment and now I’m down to once a month while feeling pretty great in between appts! Everyone there is super friendly and sweet, I am really happy I found Dr Jones and his staff.

Beverly M.

Dr. Patrick Jones is terrific! The staff is the friendliest you can find. The environment is inviting and clean. Dr. Jones is up to date on the latest technology and care. I have been seeing Dr. Jones for the past 10 years. He has cured all ailments including a back injury, plantar fasciitus, runner’s knee, tennis elbow, I grew nearly 1/2 inch in my first year of treatments, weight loss and overall health. With the addition of message therapy at the center, Dr. Jones’ office is the best place to go.

Tony E.

Dr. Jones and his awesome assistants make it easy and enjoyable to go get an adjustment every week. I feel Dr. Jones is very well educated on the subject and I trust his opinions. I have been going for about 5 months now and I would highly recommend.

Ashley W.

I’d hate to just repeat what everyone else has already said in their reviews, but Dr Jones is just a fantastic doctor!! I used my AmazonLocal deal here but was adamant that I wouldn’t let them pressure me into service, which is what I’d heard lots of chiropractors did. My coupon gave me an x-ray, thermal scans, assessment and adjustment, and Dr Jones and his assistant Keisha were thorough and professional, yet delightful and pleasant. There was NEVER any pushiness or sales pitch–it was a complete grounded and fact-based assessment, and I would have been crazy to walk away with my back in the condition it was in. The best part is that my insurance covers a good portion, but they’re also very flexible and offer a monthly payment plan so that I’m getting the treatment I need without worrying about my pocketbook. You only have one body–treat it right.

Carol A.

Went to Dr. Jones for diagnostic for neck pain. His assistant Kisha took x-rays and I met Dr. Jones Returned for consultation with Dr. Jones. His office is well run; the reception is welcoming and efficient. Dr. Jones is straightforward and was clear in his explanation of my physical condition. He gave me some exercises to do at home and said his services were not necessary. I appreciate that he did not schedule unneeded appointments. I recommend his service.

Stephanie L.

I was in excruciating pain the first time I saw Dr. Jones. It has now been two weeks and I feel so much better. On top of feeling better, I enjoy seeing his Great staff they always take the time to make me feel comfortable.

Linda C.

Have been going there a year, now my husband is too! These are wonderful people, and they have helped us with decades of chronic back and neck issues. We drive all the way out from Dripping Springs because they are that good! Plus there is a wonderful and very healthy Vietnamese place next door as a bonus!

Liz K.

WOW! After struggling with shoulder pain for several years, Dr. Jones expertise has helped me to finally feel better. He did a comprehensive exam including full body X-rays, a thermal scan, and a neurological scan to pinpoint exactly what was wrong with my shoulder/back, explaining everything very clearly to me. Further, I have been amazed at his knowledge- he has effectively answered every question I’ve asked whether about anatomy, injury, physical therapy exercises at home, and so on. He and his staff are also very friendly, he takes time with each client but gets through appointments quickly, and provides free informational brochures and movies to watch about chiropractic, your specific issues, and general health. He’s covered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, but his services are affordable either way. SO glad I found him.

Stacey M.

I would like to start off by saying thank you to everyone at Lone Star Chiropractic for this honor and opportunity to share my story with others. Prior to starting my chiropractic care I suffered from severe migraine headaches. I would have these headaches at least three times a month, maybe more. I also had problems sleeping. I would wake up usually four or five times a night because I would be uncomfortable and restless. However, since my treatments began, I can sleep through the entire night comfortably, and I have not suffered from one single migraine headache. I feel so much better now, that I am asking friends and family to have a consultation in case they could benefit from chiropractic care as well. Once again I would like to say thank you to Lone Star Chiropractic and especially Dr. Jones for all that he has done to make my life better.

Wishing everyone good chiropractic health,

I first met Dr. Jones…at a Home and Garden show in Austin in 2005. I had wanted to visit a chiropractor for some time because I had a disk removed/fused in my neck in ’99 and was concerned about another disk failing. I asked the surgeon why a 20 year old would have a disk fail; he was never able to give a satisfactory answer. I have to admit that the reason it took me six years to evaluate my situation is that I was concerned about the legitimacy of the chiropractic field. I am very happy to say that my concerns were totally unfounded and my opinion has gone a complete 180 degrees.

I began my treatment at Lone Star Chiropractic in March 2005. My first consultation with Dr. Jones was very professional and comprehensive. I was impressed with how thorough Dr. Jones was with my x-rays and how much time he took to answer all my questions and concerns. Dr. Jones was able to show me that the back/neck problems I had been having all my life were in part caused by an extra vertebra in my back, and sure enough the disks above and below my fusion were failing. I agreed to be adjusted for 3 months to “try it out.” I noticed clear improvement after even the first adjustment. It is difficult to describe but when something has been out of alignment for your entire life, you don’t know it’s a problem. When Dr. Jones would adjust my back the spine just felt “right.” A pleasant side affect of the treatments is that the headaches I have had all my life totally disappeared. I would have at least one severe headache every 1-2 weeks and wouldn’t go anywhere without ibuprofen. I can even remember being in the 5th grade keeping aspirin in my backpack. I have not had the first headache since beginning my adjustments with Dr. Jones.

After six months of treatments and me having never felt better I was involved in an auto accident with a construction dump truck, which ran through a red light and through my ½ ton pickup (nearly through me too). I called Dr. Jones after the accident and he was able to work me in that afternoon, only 2 hours after the collision. We took several x-rays that Dr. Jones took the time to look at immediately and as you would expect with being hit by a dump truck, there was damage. For several days after the accident I couldn’t even get out of bed without my wife’s help, but after only 10 days and regular adjustments I was totally pain free and without any restricted movement. I think back to my initial condition before Lone Star and imagine if I had been in that condition when I was hit, I know my condition would have been many times worse.

I give full credit to Dr. Jones…for improving my quality of life both in the short and long term. My improvement is such that I don’t just feel better, but I have noticed much improved flexibility and a total absence of both my frequent backaches and headaches. I give Lone Star my highest compliment in that I refer my friends to their care, something I don’t do lightly.

– Paul M. Patient of the Month, September 2005

Hi. It’s Scot’s spine here. Scot’s been taking me to Dr. Jones for quite a few months now and I couldn’t be happier. I’d been trying to tell Scot for some time that I needed some TLC, but he ignored all my signs.

In fact, I didn’t get any attention at all until one afternoon on the way home when Scot’s truck was rear-ended. I remember Scot saying it was some huge F250 with a brush guard that plowed into him. Now Scot couldn’t ignore my cries for help. I was completely stretched out and being a real pain in the neck. His mom told Scot to take me to Dr. Jones who had significantly reduced her back pain.

Finally Scot saw me face to face. That X-ray showed him what I had known all along. For the first time Scot saw everything that was wrong with me including the whiplash that I got as a result of the giant brush guard. I finally was going to get the attention I deserved.

Now I’ve been moved around a little and Dr. Jones has me (and Scot) all straightened out. I have even been feeling so much better that I’ve convinced Scot to tell his wife and friend to visit Dr. Jones too.

Scot N. Patient of the Month, July 2004

For the past five years, my back pain seemed to be getting worse. Up until the time I met Dr. Jones, I had pain so great that I just lived with it every day. I told myself that this is part of aging and decided to somehow endure the pain.

Well!!! After the first visit with Dr. Jones and the first adjustment of my neck, upper and lower back, I could not believe the difference! I could actually sit and work at my desk and get up in the morning and say, “Hey, I got up so easy and I just can’t believe how good I feel!” Thank you Dr. Jones and Lone Star Chiropractic!


Nena B. Patient of the Month, June 2004

After being sideswiped and flipped over on the mountains of Colorado by and out of control snowboarder, I spent the next two years popping my neck in efforts to get rid of my headaches. I received a spinal screening at a Boat Show in January of 2004 and immediately came to the conclusion that I needed Chiropractic care. At the initial exam, it was obvious that there were more long-term effect that had occurred that I was completely unaware of. In other words, I had adult problems in my teenage years. With reduced reflex reactions on one side of my body, it was time for me to do something in efforts to fix the mistake made on the mountains of Colorado. After one week of adjustments, the headaches were reducing, hip pain was almost eliminated and the overall condition of my body was improved. Now, with several months of treatment under my belt, my neck has completely stopped popping on its own accord and the condition of my health is being bettered daily.

Quincee G. Patient of the Month, May 2004

About 53 years ago, as a big boy, I spent time carting wheat. A bag of wheat weighs 180 pounds and we had to take them from the ground onto a truck, then from the truck we walked the stack. The bags were kept in an open barn and built up about 20 feet. Walking the stack consisted of walking up planks of wood wit the bag on our backs and then placing the bag in the correct place.

At 18 I was in a lot of trouble with my back and the chiropractor recommended that I give up active sport, so I played competition A grade rugby until I was 35. The injuries did not heal quick enough at that stage so my wife insisted that I take up golf instead.

Some 10 years later when sailing on our ocean going yacht, I found I did not have the strength to pull the anchor. After trying a few chiropractors I settled on one who used a similar treatment method to the one used by Patrick. After he corrected the problem and my strength came back I went for 30 odd years before things got bad again.

My employer introduced me to Lone Star Chiropractic Clinic and slowly my strength and movement is coming back. When Patrick is finished with me, maybe I will not require treatment for another 30 years. If I do then I will come back to haunt him.

John R. Patient of the Month, August 2003

I was very impressed with the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Anderson. I had received chiropractic in the past for my neck pain, but not to this level of care. After only a few sessions, my symptoms began to disappear, especially my neck pain, and I know I would not have been able to perform to my everyday work functions without the treatment I received.
Neck Pain

I have benefitted tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Anderson. Not only has the adjustments helped alleviate my stiffness and aches, but it has helped me have more energy and just feel more balanced over all. A few months ago, I was able to resume a favorite hobby of mine: golf. Due to my previous pain, I never thought that’d be possible.
Back Pain